Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Paris quick add - patisserie, flammekueche & biere

Okay Kim, this is for you.  This is a beautiful, quaint patisserie we found in Reims that I had to photograph.  Check out the little pigs!  Those clouds sitting on top of the case are large poufs of meringue!!
This is for you, Mr. Greg!  After all of the champagne, we needed beer and pizza!  This was dinner and liquid replenishment for the train ride back to Paris.  Evan took these for you!
We wanted to get you a t-shirt to this place "Les Tres Brasseurs".  We think it was more German than French, maybe?  Our "pizzas" were "flammekueche".  We googled it and found they have restaurants in Montreal & Quebec.  The flammekueche and biere were very good.  The beer was not ice cold but cool enough.

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Kim Kelly said...

I heart patisseries!! I actually made Macarons today from a cookbook that I got last week from a lady in Paris... did you have any of those?? I've never actually had one, but so far it's divine!