Saturday, March 5, 2011

On my way to Paris - day 1

I kissed my children good-bye as they left with Grammy to go to school this morning.  I felt a little knot develop in my throat as I hugged my daughter and fought back the tears while going around to the other side to hug my son.  I reminded them both to be good for Grammy.  I wished my daughter good luck on her oral presentation and her art show (both happening on the day I'm leaving!)...can you say GUILTY???  I waved good-bye and off they went.

With the knot in my throat diminishing, I made a quick check of traffic, hopped in the car and headed to the airport.  I was starting to get excited!!  All of the pre-trip prepartion stress, which involved massive Excel spreadsheets, ride coordination, birthday party gifts, brownie camp packing, etc.. was all beginning to melt away.

After clearing an easy security clearance, as compared to doing it with two kids and a husband, I grabbed a Starbucks, found a seat and quickly folded into the latest spring Vogue. Found some cool stuff - an app for my friend who has a fear of flying called "Fear of Flying" supposedly the guy's soothing voice makes him sound really hot.  I'll have to check it out.  I also read a fantastic and relatable quote from the current Queen of Pop, the fabulous Lady Gaga.  She said, " the overarching objective of my life, I'm really only at Mile 2."  Poignant words from someone who is wise beyond her years.

After an unremarkable flight to Chicago, I had about an hour in O'Hare.  It was dinner time but I knew they'd be serving something on the flight to Paris.  Should I eat dinner or indulge in my fiendish favorite (thanks a lot Oprah!), Garrett's Popcorn, the Chicago Mix?  The devil on my shoulder won out.  Not that this will be my last indulgence on this trip but the yummy combination of cheese and caramel popcorn is not to be missed!  If you ever get a chance while changing planes in Chicago I totally recommend finding their little stand.  I got a small bag and some Mentos (another favorite) at a nearby newsstand.  I felt fortified for the 8 hours of flying ahead of me. 

I found my seat, got comfortable and was ready for take off.  Little did I know I'd have a 250 lb snoring beast sitting on my lap the whole time!  The man in front of me quickly reclined his seat to the maximum position and then his weight pushed his chair back another 3 inches.  This meant I had to enjoy my Cabernet from Livermore, CA at a precarious angle on my tray.  I decided not to let this get me down.  I had some "me" time and was determined to take full advantage of it. All I was fantasizing about were the meals I'd be having in Paris...yummmm.

I can't wait to see the arrow on the sign that directs me to the taxi service in the morning.  For now, bon soir, mes amis!

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Kim Kelly said...

Leaving is the hardest part, isn't it? When I called home it didn't help that Olivia cried every time and said she missed me so much it hurt.
Enjoy, Claudine!