Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Je t'aime Paris!

"Music expresses that which cannot be put to words and cannot remain silenced." - Victor Hugo
"All you need is love." - The Beatles

There's too much to share tonight!  It's 2am and I can barely keep my eyes open. We had a late night after finding "love" in Paris.  We also went searching for "that which cannot remain silent" jazz.  This required a late lunch, a few double cafes and a "disco nap"!  For now, here is the love we found in Paris...

Tucked away outside of the rue des Abesses Metro station (18th Arondissement - totally recommend this area - very cool shopping! Which I will cover in another posting. AND incredible things to do!) is an adorable little park for children of early walking age to about 3 or 4.  Next to this park is a beautiful tile wall that has the phrase "I love you" written in over 300+ languages.  We sat and tried to find "a love we could understand".  I chose sign language, spanish, english, and of course, en francais...  so, Je t'aime Paris!
the entire LOVE
Now, in sign language...
Now, en espaƱol -
Now, in english -
 and en francais -
bon soir from Paris...Je t'aime, mes amis!!!

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