Sunday, June 24, 2007

Lemony Snickets

Lemony Snickets, originally uploaded by cupcakelady.

This is a favorite treat of mine. I named it as such because I still long for the days of living in San Francisco, CA (I'm in SoCal now, love the weather but miss the culture). Allegedly author Lemony Snicket resides in said city. This is a delectable recipe. It starts with a yummy lemon butter cake. I fill it with a delicious and creamy lemon curd (store bought from Trader Joe's b/c I didn't have the time to make it from scratch). I used a fresh-squeezed lemon buttercream for icing and then decided to try out Martha Stewart's homemade candied lemon zest. She described coating the zest with sugar as "sparkly". I loved that description. Cute and yummy cupcakes need sparkly toppings. They were crazy good! My hubby moaned and groaned while eating it. He uttered a barely audible "really rich" with a mouth full of cupcake. An observation I had about them was the zest and coloring made them very coastal looking. I see an abstract starfish in the topping. I bet they'd make a nice cupcake for an ocean-themed party. Just add a "tiffany-colored" cupcake and some white cocobons, throw in some shells and voila a beach party with cupcakes!

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